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[Updated 07/14/2015 16:20 CST]
[Updated elements marked with **.]

**Taismo III: Darkest Night

**1. Main Titles | A Message in Blood: Prologue - Christopher Young
**2. Chapter 1: Happy Birthday, Tails! | Cosmo's Idea: Dandelions & Tiger Lillies - Philter
**3. Chapter 8: She Says... | Yes: Infinite Potential - Murray Gold
**4. Chapter 15: The Devil in the Details | The Deception: Mountains - Hans Zimmer
**5. Chapter 19: Terror of the Night | Battling the Demon: Solaris, Phase 1 - Sonic the Hedgehog
**6. Chapter 20: Light in the Darkness | Tails Fights Back: Never Tell Me the Rules - Murray Gold
**7. Chapter 21: The Death Of Innocence | The Violation: The Host of Seraphim - Dead Can Dance
**8. Chapter 22: What Happens Now? | Hope: Martyrdom - Christopher Young
**9. End Titles | Here Until the End: Everything's Alright - Laura Shigihara

Taismo II: The Other

1. Main Titles | Xemus' Arrival: Nero Sighted - Michael Giacchino
2. Chapter 1: Hello, Freedom Fighters | Freedom Fighters, Assemble!: The Avengers - Alan Silvestri
3: Chapter 20: Story's End | Jaran's Secret: A Secret He Will Take to His Grave - Murray Gold
4: Chapter 24: It Begins | The Children in the Grove: The Suffering Begins - Christopher Young
5: Chapter 25: The Metal Storm | Battle With Omega: Nero Death Experience - Michael Giacchino
6: Chapter 26: Heart of Solar Fire | Cosmo's Fight: Just Do It - James Newton Howard
7: End Titles | Planning for the Future: Amy & Rory, Together - Murray Gold

Taismo: The Dark Guardian

1. Main Titles | Return to Mobius: Enterprising Young Men - Michael Giacchino
2. Chapter 12: The End to a Perfect Day | Sunset: Stay the Night - James Blunt
3. Chapter 20: The Ultimate Machine | Defeating the Mech: What I'm Made of - Crush 40
4. End Titles | My Home is Yours: Atlantis - James Newton Howard

Sonic X: Eternal Angel

1. Main Titles | Cosmo's Sacrifice: Labor of Love - Michael Giacchino
2. Chapter 1: Broken Dreams | Waking Up to Regret: How Could this Happen to Me? - Simple Plan
3. Chapter 11: A Way Out | Tails' Suicide: Mad World - Gary Jules
4. Chapter 12: How to Save a Life | Cosmo Begs: Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap
5. Chapter 12: How to Save a Life | Tails Lives: Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
6. Chapter 16: Battle Over Angel Island | The Attack: Black Doom - Shadow the Hedgehog
7. Chapter 17: Final Faceoff | Super Hedgehog: Perfect Dark Gaia - Sonic Unleashed
8. Epilogue: A New Beginning | Looking Back: Remember Me - Thomas Bergersen
9. End Titles | Cosmo Returns: The Call - Regina Spektor

Character Themes

- Tails the Fox: Get a Hold of Yourself - Sugar Jesus
- Cosmo the Seedrian: They Call Her Blossom - Philter
- Sonic the Hedgehog: Check Yes, Juliet - We the Kings
- Shadow the Hedgehog: Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
- The Mysterious Cloaked Figure: Turn Left - Murray Gold
- Jaran Kai: Starvation - Thomas Bergersen
- Rouge the Bat: Poker Face - Lady GaGa
- E-123 Omega: Am I Not Human? - Two Steps from Hell
- Xemus' Theme: The Black Suit - Spider-man 3
- Taismo Romance Theme #1: Video Games - Lana Del Rey
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Alright, guys, I've got some news regarding the final book in Taismo, Series 1, the first being that I have already begun writing and will likely be posting the prologue within the week. The reason for this is, four days into my break, I became rather anxious due to the amount of free time on my hands. Writing seems to take the edge off of my daily rigors—that, and the fact that after switching my anti-depressant medication, I have found it easier to concentrate. To those of you who wanted a breather from my last book, I sincerely apologize. To those who are eager for the next installment, surprise! You get your wish!

Regarding the book itself, you should be aware that this one will be of a slightly different format than the others. There will be no designated villain, no bad guy to fight and a very loose plot. This book will be almost entirely based around social interactions between the characters and delving deeper into their back stories. There will be a lot of exposition, description and dialogue. If you don't like books with mostly talking, then this may not be the best book for you. If you are, then I have every intention of giving you the richest character dialogue I can possibly provide.

For those of you who felt that the last book left a bad taste in your mouth, I'm pleased to say this book will be a happy one. Many have said they read my series for closure. This book will provide just that, while also leaving the possibility of a continuation open, should I decide to do a series two. I think you guys deserve a happy ending for putting up with me this long.

Regarding my personal life, I'm pleased to say that I will be starting classes soon to earn my web professional certification. While I'm not entirely sure how that will affect my writing schedule, I imagine you won't notice too much of a difference. I'm really excited at the prospect of doing something better with my talents then Walmart. Not that Walmart is a bad place, but it is Walmart...

That's really all I have for now. Thanks for your support, and stay tuned for the final book, Taismo: Daybreak! Happy reading! Peace! :peace:

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United States
It was the year of 2009. Having been home schooled for nearly six years and experienced heavy ridicule in public school, I had become a recluse, and my social skills had dwindled into non-existence. Having my drive stolen by what I perceived as a world out to get me, my motivation began to dwindle and I fell into the same trap of laziness so many young people experience today. Thrust back into the social battleground of high school, my experience was jarring to say the least. For the most part I kept to myself, avoiding contact with others and quietly doing my assignments.

I had always been the artistic sort. Having the ability to sink into my own world to escape the rigours and strife of the real one became one of the few comforts I knew. On the suggestion of a friend of my mother's, I submitted a poorly cobbled together portfolio to my school's art program on the off-chance that it might be accepted. I was genuinely surprised when I received a response from the head of the art academy, Rick Moncrief, who was not only impressed with my work, but was eager to enrol me in the art academy immediately. Hesitant, I came to the decision that I needed to branch out and agreed to participate in the art program.

Open to like-minded people who understood and accepted me, I began to open up once more, and was exposed to my potential as an artist. Inspired by things of my childhood, much of my art consisted of things such as Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog and Comic Book Heroes. My interests began to encompass far more than mere art, however. I began to spread into the fields of literature and English, which I discovered I possessed a previously undiscovered talent in. These skills, combined with my literary ability and childhood idols, began to merge, and the seeds of a plot to an epic story began to form in my mind. Unfortunately, my persistent laziness prevented this idea from coming to fruition. Feeling unable to move beyond this, I chose to discuss the issue with my teacher, who had become a very good friend and almost a surrogate father to myself. I realized that there was simply no easy solution. There was no switch I could flip in my head to create motivation. I would have to force myself, regardless of my emotional state. Pondering on this, I decided to begin with something I enjoyed--writing. Implementing the plot that had swirled in my head for some time, I thrust myself into the story with the promise that I would finish it, regardless of how long it took.

Thus, I pressed forward, pushing myself on despite my frustrations. Initially hesitant to share my story with others, I took my writing a step further by posting what I had created on the artistic website, deviantART. In less than a month I had accumulated a following of nearly fifty readers who considered my work exemplary. I was astounded by the reaction, and my confidence began to resurface after hiding away for so long. Finishing off my first book, I received an overwhelming amount of feedback asking me to continue my story. Indeed, my plot had not been finished. There was so much more to be told. Four years later, my story has expanded to four different books in a series, and is still incomplete. My following grows each day; and all of this began with a promise. My name is Brandon, and I won't stop until I'm finished...

What is your fantasy weapon of choice? (Choose wisely!) 

6 deviants said Other (Plz Comment!)
5 deviants said Lightsaber (Star Wars)
4 deviants said Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)
3 deviants said Master Sword (Zelda Series)
2 deviants said Gun Blade (Final Fantasy) [F**k You]
2 deviants said Hand Phaser (Star Trek)
2 deviants said Wand (Harry Potter)
1 deviant said Sonic Screwdriver (Doctor Who)
1 deviant said Wizard Staff (Lord of the Rings)


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