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It was a dark and rainy evening. Thunder crashed across the Mystic Ruins as the wind howled, beating against the sides of Tails' house fiercely. Inside, the young fox crossed the threshold between his kitchen and living room, a sealed bag of bluish-green fluid in his right hand. Dark circles outlined the fox's bloodshot eyes. It had been nearly two weeks since Cosmo's rescue from the clutches of Xemus, and in that time, Tails had been unable to catch any sort of restful sleep. How could he? His entire life has come to a screeching halt, his only concern being the care of his ailing fiance.

Pacing up the stairs, the fox entered the master bedroom, looking over to their shared bed. The fox was startled to find Cosmo shivering violently, gasping as she stared up at the ceiling. Jogging to her side, the fox set the bag down on her night stand, taking her hand tightly. The Seedrian quickly began to calm down, although retaining her catatonic-like state. Miles sighed forlornly, leaning down and placing a kiss on the top of her head. "I'm here," he whispered, his free hand gently stroking her cheek, "I'm not going anywhere."

The Seedrian made no reply, having grown still since Tails entered the room. For two weeks, she had remained this way, not so much as shifting her weight. Periodically, the fox would turn her slightly, just to make sure she would not develop bed sores. Unable to clean or feed herself, she had become totally dependent on the fox. Despite the stress it put him under, Tails never left her side, not even for a moment. No matter how many of his friends came calling offering to give him a break, the fox stubbornly refused, never being any farther than a few rooms over from Cosmo.

The more he watched her, the more he pitied his love, and the angrier he became at the entity known as Xemus. He slowly began to realize that not only had the sorcerer violated her, but he had humiliated her as well, stripping Cosmo of her ability to care for herself. This was not life. This was sickness. He only hoped that somehow, through some miracle, she could stand upright again one day—feel the sun on her face and the wind in her hair, and the touch of his lips on hers.

"I miss you," Tails spoke. Despite her state, it was not uncommon for the kitsune to talk to her. Much as when she had been dead, he still felt that somehow, she could still hear him. Kai had indicated that talking to her might help her condition, so he made an effort to remind her periodically that he was still there. "Amy came by today. Everybody misses you. It's just not the same without--"

The fox choked, turning his head away as he took several deep breaths before finally looking upon her again.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, his eyes growing glassy, "I'm sorry I wasn't there. I should have been—I should have saved you…"

Again, Tails received no response. Only silence as Cosmo's gaze remained fixed upon the ceiling. Looking at her, he could not help but see a lost dream. Their engagement had filled them with such hope. So many things to look forward to—their lives, tied together as one, for all of time. Now, it all seemed to slowly be slipping away…

"I know you probably blame yourself," he continued, "you probably think I hate you, or something. You were always too hard on yourself. I just want you to know, it's not your fault. I know it felt real to you, but even if it had been real, it wouldn't matter to me. I still love you, Cosmo…" Pulling away from her, the fox took the blue bag he had brought with him, attaching it to the IV drip he had set up for her. Sitting beside her again, he continued to whisper, hoping she found his words comforting. "Don't worry, okay? I'm going to stay right here until you wake up—a-and you will. A-and when you do, we'll get married, just like we promised! That is, if you still want me…"

The fox sniffled, unable to hold back any longer as his tears made rivers down his cheeks. Leaning down, he gave the girl a gentle kiss on the lips, holding it a few seconds before pulling away, not wanting her to feel invaded by his affections as she had with Xemus. Crawling into bed, the fox took his customary position next to her, curling his namesakes around her body for warmth as he cradled her gently. Tears wet his pillow as he shut his eyes, whispering into her ear.

"I love you, Cosmo… so much! Good night…"

And with that, the two drifted off to sleep. No matter how harshly the winds pounded, or the rain fell, or the thunder rolled, their love had survived each of life's storms, and so to would it survive this one, even if Cosmo herself did not…
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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
"Wh-what?" Vanilla the Rabbit asked slowly, her voice trembling as she stared blankly at the sobbing kitsune. Raising her head, her gaze then fell upon Jaran, pleading for clarification. "Wh-what does that mean, Jaran? She was violated?"

"Vanilla--" The sage cut himself off, taking a deep breath as he lowered his head, "you know what it means…"

The doe was silent, her body going rigid as a sharp chill shot up her spine. She knew. Of course she knew. She did not want to believe it, but there it was. As the truth became more apparent, she began to tremble, so utterly appalled that she scarcely noticed her own tears as they begin to trickle down her cheeks. "Jaran--no!" She objected, as though her denial might change reality, "NO! He wouldn't do such a thing! She's a child! A CHILD!"

"But he did…" The sage sighed despairingly, "The bastard raped her…"

Tails sobbed louder at these words, while the others could only look on in shock. While Mobius had its own share of fiends, occurrences like this were rare, making the already bitter pill even harder to swallow. Gasping loudly, Amy began to sob herself, shaking her head from side to side. "No!" The coral hedgehog denied, gritting her teeth in both despair and fury, "I thought you said he was like a ghost!? He doesn't have a body!! How--"

"Xemus tapped into her mind…" Spoke Kai slowly, "and forced her to live her worst fear--"

"What does that have to do with anything!?" Sonic interrupted quickly, "Why would Cosmo's worst fear be--"

"Cosmo's worst fear," the sage interjected, "is betraying Tails. Since discovering the device she used to have in her brain, she's dreaded disappointing him or causing him to lose faith in her. For a young girl about to be married to someone she loves so much, what is the worst form of betrayal you can think of?"

The room was silent, everyone mulling over Kai's words thoroughly. The devastated fox continued to sob, not for himself, but for Cosmo. Thinking of what Xemus had done to her, how much planning he had made just so he could have his way with a young girl, made him angry. Through it all, his only question was why? Why would he want to hurt them so badly as this? What purpose did it accomplish?

"Wait," Vanilla said, catching her breath, "if it's all in her head and not real, why would it leave her like this?"

"What is real?" Asked the sage rhetorically, "If real is what you can see, smell, touch, taste and hear, then reality is just electrical impulses interpreted by the brain. To Cosmo, what he did to her was as real as us speaking now. What's more, because of the way the mind interprets time, Cosmo has experienced days of nonstop violation in less than twenty-four hours. Possibly years worth. It's no wonder she's been left this way…"

"Surely there's something we can do, Jaran!" The doe exclaimed, releasing Tails as she rose to her feet, "We can't give up on the girl!"

"I haven't given up on anyone…" Jaran spoke somewhat coldly, "but there's simply nothing I can do."

"Wh-what?" The fox sputtered, looking up at the sage desperately, "Wh-what about Eggman!? Can't you repair her mind like you did with him!?"

"Tails, I never repaired Eggman, remember?" Jaran said grimly, "Xemus woke him up by erasing his memory."

"W--can't you at least try?" The kitsune continued to beg, "Maybe if--"

"Tails," Jaran interrupted, a forlorn sigh escaping his lips, "I can't. Cosmo reacted badly to my probing. My guess is that Xemus' brainwaves are so similar to my own that her mind can't distinguish us. In diagnosing her, I may very well have damaged her more. If I attempt to go back in, would almost certainly kill her."

The fox was speechless, stricken as he desperately attempted to conceive a way to save his violently used fiancé, but could think of none. With mechanical issues, solutions always came very natural to the fox. A damaged mind, though, was very different. The fox felt quite powerless against this, and ultimately, useless.

"What about erasing that portion of her memory?" Asked Shadow bluntly, "Can you not do what Xemus did to Eggman? Make her forget what happened?"

Again, Jaran shook his head. It seemed that it was one disappointing answer after another. "Eggman was only with Xemus a few minutes," he explained, "the damage wasn't as extensive. The more time he has, the greater the damage. Cosmo's experience is so deeply engrained into her mind now, that trying to erase it would be the equivalent of lobotomizing her. It would leave her brain-dead."

"So… what can we do?" Amy asked, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, "There has to be something we can do! Anything!"

"I'm afraid, this time, there isn't…" He answered, "I mean, it's theoretically possible that, given time, her mind might be able to piece itself back together. She might wake up tomorrow--she might not wake up at all…"

With a sharp turn, Tails marched out of the room, his footsteps falling heavily on the hardwood floor as he marched up the stairs and into his and Cosmo's bedroom. At the moment, all the fox desired was isolation. So turbulent were his emotions that he scarcely could make sense of them himself. Tails could not decide whether he were sad, angry, or confused. The only thing he were certain of, without a doubt, was that he needed to be near Cosmo.

The others watched, stunned, as the fox disappeared into their bedroom. "Should one of us stay here?" Asked the cobalt hedgehog, "Make sure he doesn't do anything to himself?"

"No," Jaran said, folding his hands under his chin stoically, "I think It would be best that we let him be. He'll take care of Cosmo. I feel that our presence will only be an interference."

The others nodded, standing and making their way out of the front door wordlessly. After the events that had occurred, each member of the team needed time to make sense of what happened for themselves. For a moment, Sonic stood motionless, confused, appearing uncertain as to wether he should obey or remain at his brother's side. He then recalled what had happened after Tails had lost Cosmo the first time. How his hovering had only served to further push the fox into despair. Letting out a defeated sigh, he turned, following the others out the door. Vanilla remained, however, clearly having other things on her mind.

"Jaran," the doe spoke, crossing her arms across her chest as if to hug herself, "be honest, have you ever seen anyone come out of something like this? And I don't mean what's theoretically possible. Has anyone ever recovered from his actions?"

Jaran fell quite, folding his arms as he adverted his gaze from the woman. "No," he replied simply.

Vanilla winced, breathing in as her eyes grew glassy. The rabbit turned slowly, pacing toward the door as she spoke over her shoulder, "I thought that might be your answer." Shutting the door behind her, Vanilla left the sage alone, standing center in the living room as he stared at the floor. Raising his head, he gazed up into the stairwell, sighing sadly as he began his ascent. Rounding the corner into the master bedroom, Jaran found Tails exactly as he expected he would, sitting on the bed, cradling Cosmo's limp hand in his own.

"I'm sure she appreciates that…" Jaran whispered to the fox, "She's perfectly conscious. Just because she can't react doesn't mean she can't still feel."

The fox made no response. Whether oblivious or angry with him, Jaran did not know. The sentinel frowned, shaking his head as he prepared to make his exit.

"Why?" Whispered Tails suddenly, catching the sage by surprise, "Why Cosmo? Why this?"

"I--" Jaran hesitated, pondering on how best to describe the actions of his other, "I think he wanted her to see herself as something ugly--to reject the possibility that she could be loved by you…"

The fox grimaced, looking down on his beloved as he brushed her cheek gently with his free hand. Shaking his head, he turned his gaze back to Kai, his eyes more determined than ever. "Well he's already lost then," the fox grunted, "because nothing will make me stop loving Cosmo. Not him, not death and not this…"

"That's good…" Jaran said, a sad smile crossing his face, "I'm sure that means a lot to her."

Pulling his hand back, the fox began to stand. However, he quickly found that he could not pry himself from the Seedrian's grip. The fox found himself momentarily stunned that the catatonic girl would not let go. As he began to pull harder, the girl began to gasp in panic, shivering as Tails attempted to free himself. "Cosmo?" Tails whispered curiously.

Noticing this, Jaran paced over, watching as Tails tugged his hand back. After it became apparent that Cosmo was not letting go by choice, he finally slacked off. As he returned to holding her hand, her breathing returned to normal, and her shaking subsided.

"I don't believe it…" Kai murmured.

"What? What is it? Is she waking up?"

"No," Jaran said slowly, looking over the girl, "It means she's reacting to you. She doesn't want you to leave. Even if she can't speak, she recognizes your presence. Even now she's hanging on, because you make her feel safe…"

With that, the sage turned on his heel, slowly walking out. The fox quickly called over his shoulder, confused to the sage's words. "What does that mean!?" Tails asked, "What does that mean for her!?"

The sage paused, glancing briefly over his shoulder before taking his leave. "It means there's still hope…"

Eerily quiet was the Darkship, it's crippled metal carcass drifting lazily in orbit around Mobius. Deep within the lower levels, however, an unnatural phenomenon began to manifest. From behind the doors of Xemus' meditation chamber, a loud, angry banging emanated, like that of a trapped animal attempting to escape its keep. Monstrous shrieks could be heard, gaining strength as the banging on the door grew louder.

Suddenly, the heavy door burst open, tearing clean off of the hinges with violent force. A slick, black filth, similar to tar and reeking of death spilled from the doorway, collapsing into a small puddle on the floor. The puddle moved and undulated, shapes forming and dissolving within its mass. Upon exposure to the air outside the chamber, the amorphous blob seemed to slowly evaporate, transitioning from a liquid into a misty cloud of blackness. The cloud began to grow, shaping itself into a tall, humanoid form. With a final cry of pain, the entity collapsed to the floor, resolving into the form of Xemus.

For a moment the Dark Lord lay face down, his hood draped over his head as his robes dragged the ground. With shivering hands, he slowly pushed himself upright, rising unsteadily to his feet. With a heavy grunt, the daemon slowly walked forward, his posture slumped over in a surprising display of weakness, making his way back to his bridge.

Arriving in the command center, he scanned the damage done during the previous battle. Though the broken panels and shattered canopy had already begun to heal, it would take time before they were fully functional again, much like it would take time to gather his strength after a difficult reconstitution--but not long. Not long at all.

Looking into the control stations along the observation platform, he was distressed to find most of his slaves dead, likely due to the explosive decompression caused by the fox hurling him from the window. "Such a waste of resources," he thought to himself. It would take time and effort to create more servants, but the planet below was quite abundant with live flesh to be used.

Approaching the communication station at the rear of the platform, Xemus stroked several keys on the still functional controls. Flickering to life, the holographic display lit up, as the image of Black Doom resolved itself clearly. "I had assumed you would not contact me again," the three-eyed alien boomed, "with your defeat--"

"Do not mock me, Doom!" Snarled Xemus, his voice terrifying even in his weakened state, "They escaped because I permitted it! Mistake not my conceding the battle for defeat!"

"Yet you were forced to reconstitute," Doom continued to chide, "if such weak creatures are capable of striking you down, then I call into question if serving you is necessary."

Just as he said this, the black alien began to gag, hacking and coughing as he felt his organs begin to contract and squeeze. With his hand held out, Xemus telepathically grappled Black Doom, speaking in a dissatisfied hiss. "Reconstituting or not, my power still surpasses yours thousands of times over. To sell the deception, it was necessary to feign defeat. The only thing that you should call into question is your own lack of vision! Do not insult me again. I've lost many useful slaves today, losing one more will not impede my progress in the least!"

With that, the sorcerer released the horned beast, having made his point quite clear. After composing himself, Black Doom continued, his voice reflecting every bit of resentment he felt toward his captor. "Very well…" He growled, "but I fail to see the purpose of the violation of the plant child, unless it was for personal satisfaction."

"I lack the sensations needed to derive satisfaction from such things," replied Xemus, "my intentions were to make a statement. Nothing more."

"A statement… to children?" Doom inquired, "I see little point in this."

"A statement to my adversary!" The dark being clarified, "The so-called 'Guardian of Realms'! Each attack whittles away his will a bit more. This was a great blow--perhaps the greatest yet."

"Do what you will with your obsession," Doom dismisses, "did you at least retrieve the item we require?"

Reaching quickly into the folds of his robe, Xemus produced a tiny strand of what appeared to be plant matter. A short strand of green fiber with a golden bulb at the end, coated in yellow pollen. Holding the item he gently twirled it in his clawed fingers, making sure not to damage it. "Extracted directly from one of her cranial flowers, as promised…"

"The stamen…" Doom spoke, running a clawed hand across his assumed chin, "Then we can begin. My cloning facilities are ready as soon as it is delivered."

"Excellent…" Xemus murmured, returning the small amount of stolen plant matter to his robe, "For once, Doom, I believe the statement 'you have done well' is warranted."

Cutting the transmission, the dark sage turned sharply, marching down the walkway and back toward his meditation chamber. It would be a long time before he would face the heroes again. His deception had cost him a great deal of strength. In the end, however, it was all worth it. True, it was not entirely necessary to strip Cosmo of her innocence, but ultimately he knew it would weaken Jaran to what would come next. With this little piece of plant matter, he would rock this universe to its very core. The stamen--the colloquial male part of any flower, extracted from Cosmo's own rosebuds, would pave the way for the one, true goal he had from the very beginning…

The return of the Metarex…
TCDN Ch. 22: What Happens Now?
I wanted to get this out there before people start beating down my doors with torches and pitchforks. So, to clarify, TELEPATHY! None of it is real! :D That works, right?

The epilogue is up next. Time to wrap this book up and move on to the last one. Happy reading! :peace:
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(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
"We need to move!" Barked Jaran loudly, running toward the bridge exit, "Tails, grab Cosmo and let's go!"

The fox boy reacted immediately, scooping her limp form into his arms and breaking into a sprint. Another loud roar shook the bridge, causing loose tiles of metal to drop from the ceiling, clattering to the floor violently. Rouge made her way over to Omega's heaped body, scrambling to open his chassis as she ripped out his memory module.

"MOVE!!" Commanded the Guardian again, coming to a halt just outside the door to ensure that everyone made it out before proceeding himself.

"What the hell was that!?" Rouge hollered loudly, following behind the other members of Team Sonic as they sprinted down the hallway, Jaran taking up the rear.

"No time!" He exclaimed, "Keep moving!"

As the group made their way back down the hallway from which they had come, the thunderous roars behind them grew louder, drawing closer the more they attempted to flee. Tails glanced periodically over his shoulder, attempting to locate the source of the terrible raging pursuing them.

"HEADS UP!" Sonic warned suddenly, as the fox glanced ahead. Tails yelped loudly, coming to a screeching halt, narrowly avoiding tumbling off of the platform overhanging the abyss which they had ascended earlier. Glancing around the chamber, the group attempted to locate the safest method for descent.

Suddenly, everything fell silent. The beastly roars behind them inexplicably ceased as the team glanced at each other nervously. "Jaran?" Tails spoke slowly, hoping for direction from the sage.

"We're not out of the fryer yet…" He murmured, glancing down into the vast drop, "We should head back down--"

A malicious cry of unholy rage erupted suddenly from the pit beneath them, rocking the platform on which they stood. Below, the darkness of the pit seemed to churn and billow, like a cauldron of dark fire about to erupt. Out of the depths, a shapeless, black mass burst fourth—a swirling vortex of darkness writhing angrily in the air above them, dwarfing the team several times over. The group stared in terror as the black mass formed into a vague sapient shape. From within the darkness, two red eyes burned, staring down at the creatures before it with disdain. Team Sonic shrank back, stepping away from the ledge of the platform.


Glaring up at the phantasm, Jaran stepped forward, his gaze steeled as he thrust out an open hand. From his palm, a brilliant golden light erupted, blinding the group as it illuminated every corner of the dark chasm. The beast shrank back, growing smaller and more coherent upon exposure to the light, taking on the general shape of the dark sorcerer whom they thought they had defeated. Jaran looked over his shoulder, panic in his eyes as he shouted over the din of the raging beast.


With brief hesitation, Tails turned and darted back down the hallway, deviating from their previous path and making a sharp left at the junction. The others quickly followed, with Shadow glancing over his shoulder to see Kai struggling against this monstrous incarnation of the Dark Lord, Xemus.

"The Force fights with me!" Kai shouted defiantly up at the dark aberration, "Go back to the void from whence you came!"

The dark phantasm grew larger as it seemed to build an immunity to Kai's wall of light. Jaran withdrew his arm, stepping back as he looked up at the towering manifestation of darkness.

Continuing to flee, Team Sonic and Team Dark heard a shout of panic. Tails flinched, unable to imagine the horror Kai would be subject to. Despite this, the only thing on his mind was seeing Cosmo to safety.

"He'll be okay," the young kitsune attempted to reassure himself, though hardly convinced of his own words, "He'll make it…"

As they ran, Tails reached down with his left hand, keying in a sequence of commands on his wrist communicator, made more difficult due to holding Cosmo. "Where are we going?" Asked Sonic in a panic, "The Tornado is the other way!"

"Just keep going!" Tails responded, "We'll make it yet!"

Happening to glance over her shoulder, Amy's eyes went wide as the rolling black mass of dark energy rushed down the corridor behind them, charging in their direction. "HES COMING!" Amy screamed, "HES COMING, TAILS! MOVE FASTER!!"

Pushing himself, the fox took another sharp left, weaving through a series of narrow halls until the corridor came to an abrupt end, leading into a destroyed section of the ship exposed to the vacuum of space. Turning, Tails watched as the rolling black cloud advanced on them. Sonic glanced at Tails, uncertain of the foxs intentions.

"If you've got a plan, bro, now would be a good time!!" The hedgehog urged, taking a few paces back.

With a quick motion, Tails produced a dummy ring bomb and lobbed it upward. Just as the smoke-like daemon neared them, the device detonated, causing the fragile ceiling to collapse in front of them. The corridor caved in, heavy debris blocking the path in between themselves and the aberration, while also trapping them on the other side, their only escape being outer space. Given a moment of reprieve, Tails keyed in one final command on his wrist communicator, which began to blink red.

"Nice job, pixel-brain!" Knuckles barked, "How are we supposed to get out before that thing digs through to us!?"

As soon as the echidna spoke, the sound of engines filled their ears, as the X Tornado, Mark Two flew into the breach, hovering just outside the reach of the corridor. Shadow grinned, glancing at Tails as he muttered to the fox.

"Nice job, pixel-brain," the Ultimate Life Form complimented. Taking a few steps back, the onyx hedgehog made a sprint toward the craft, leaping the short gap and landing atop the plane. Others followed likewise, hopping across the drop and entering the X Tornado one at a time through the canopy. Finally, with Cosmo tightly in his arms, Tails spun his namesakes and hovered onto the plane, entering the cockpit and shutting the canopy quickly. The fox made his way into the spacious rear cabin, laying Cosmo down gently on the cot along the aft wall. Looking over her worriedly, Amy approached the fox, placing a hand on his shoulder as she spoke gently.

"I'll watch over her," she said knowingly, "now, get us out of here!"

The fox hesitated, taking one last look at his beloved before turning about, seating himself in the cockpit and taking control of the fighter. Setting the engines in reverse, the fox expertly backed out of the breach in the Darkships hull. Once in open space, the fox punched the throttle to full, speeding as fast as his ship would take them away from Xemus' terrible dreadnaught.

The Darkship, however, seemed to have other ideas. Having made it only a few meters outside the hull, the X Tornado came to a sudden stop. Even with the engines at full, the craft remained motionless. "Tractor beam!" Tails shouted, weaving and bobbing the craft to try and pull away, "Cant break free! The engine are overheating!"

"Can't you do something!?" Sonic shouted, dashing into the cockpit, hovering over Tails shoulder, "Like, put more power into the engines or something!?"

"Its a kinetic force beam, Sonic!" Tails shouted, glancing at the hedgehog, "Even in your super form, if you got out and pushed, you'd only tear the Tornado apart!"

"Theres got to be a way!" Rouge interrupted, entering the cockpit behind Sonic, "We are not--AH!"

The bat was suddenly thrown forward as the X Tornado rocked violently. Looking out of the canopy, Tails eyes went wide as a ball of fire erupted from the side of the Darkship, taking most of the port engine with it. The tractor beam disengaged, the shock of the explosion hurling the smaller craft a great distance from the Darkship.

"What the hell was that!?" Sonic asked, his eyes drifting to the massive explosion in the distance, "What did you do, Tails?"

"I didn't--" Tails began, but fell silent as a familiar sight caught his attention. Flying directly out of the breach left by the explosion was the sleek, obsidian hull of Jarans fighter, Andra.

"Sorry for the surprise!" The familiar voice of Jaran came over the X Tornado's communication channel, "Looked like you needed a hand!"

Tails beamed, breathing a sigh of relief at this most welcome voice. Cutting agilely through the starry space-scape, Andra pulled alongside the X Tornado, allowing the group a clear view into the cockpit of the small attack fighter. Manning the controls was a bruised, but very much alive, Jaran Kai.

"Jaran!" Tails exclaimed, letting out another relieved sigh, "I didn't--I'm sorry. I didn't mean to leave you--"

"Tails," interrupted the sage, "you were protecting your own. I respect that. Theres no need to apologize. Besides, I told you to do it!"

"Right…" Tails said with a nod. Hearing footsteps approaching him from behind, Tails turned his head to see Amy enter the cockpit. "Has she come around?" He asked her, "Amy, please tell me shes okay…"

"I wish I could," Amy answered, shaking her head slowly, "she's staring up at the ceiling. I can't tell if she's awake or not. She won't stop shaking. I dont know whats going on--"

"Catatonia," Jaran spoke over the speakers, "Whatever he did is causing her senses to shut down, as a means of self-defense. We need to get her back home…"

"I'll set us down in the hangar," Tails replied, starting their descent into Mobius' atmosphere, "Jaran, is she going to be okay?"

The comm was silent. The fox quickly began to grow anxious. He knew that Jaran could hear him, so why was he not answering? What was happening to his fiance? What had that monster done to her that would cause her to lose all control of her facilities? Secretly, the fox wished the sage would lie to him—to tell him that she would be okay even though there was every possibility that she would not. He knew that would never happen, though. Jaran was many things—rude, inconsiderate, deceptive, to name only a few, but not an outright liar. Right now, that was exactly what Tails needed though, and because of that, he almost found himself hating the sage…

"Just give me a place to land," Jaran spoke flatly, "Ill see whats going on when we land…"

"Jaran, please!!" The fox began to beg, "Tell me shes going to be okay!! I need to know everythings going to be okay!!"

He received no response, however. Jaran had already terminated the channel. Tears began to trickle down the fox's cheeks, his hands shaking uncontrollably. Gritting his teeth, the fox let out a cry, slamming his fists against the dash. Amy flinched, struggling to hold back tears of her own as she whispered softly.

"I'll keep an eye on her, Tails. Just take us home. I'm sure everything will be alright…"

Tails nodded, easing the craft down into Mobius lower atmosphere. Turning, Amy returned to the cabin. Staring blankly forward, Tails sighed heavily, whispering quietly to himself.

"Thank you, Amy. I needed that…"

It was well into the night when the group finally landed. None had anticipated just how much time they had spent on the Darkship. Given the events that had occurred while there, none had given much thought to time. In spite of their immense fatigue, the group quickly filed from their respective craft, Tails toting Cosmo in his arms back inside their house to their bedroom, laying her down on the bed. Even now, she made no movements of her own, continuing to stare blankly at the ceiling, not reacting to the members of Team Sonic and Team Dark huddled over her bedside. Vanilla, who had remained at Tails house in anticipation of their return, looked down upon Cosmo, tears in her eyes on seeing her near-daughter broken as she was.

"Wh-what's happened to her?" Asked the elder doe, hands cupped over her mouth, "What has he done, Jaran?"

"She's been this way since we found her," Shadow remarked, standing near the corner of the room, the sight causing even him some discomfort, "Whatever that bastard showed her, it's left her completely catatonic."

Tails was quiet, completely oblivious to the conversation going on around him as he sat on the edge of the bed, gently holding Cosmo's hand as he struggled to retain his composure. Their link, which had been a source of both comfort and intimacy for the two, had seemingly vanished. No matter how hard he strained, he could not touch Cosmo's mind. It was almost as if she no longer existed.

With a heavy sigh, Jaran cleared his throat, his voice hoarse as he spoke. "I need everyone to leave," He said, his words sounding more an order than a request, "I need to find out what he did to her mind. It's the only hope we have of saving her…"

Hesitating, the group finally conceded, exiting one by one. All except for Tails, who continued to stroke Cosmos hand. Slowly, Kai placed a hand on the fox's shoulder, causing him to jump in a start. The fox looked up, not letting go of Cosmos hand for a moment.

"That includes you," the sage murmured.

"What?" Asked Tails, tilting his head, "What includes me?"

"I need you to leave," repeated Jaran, sternly.

The fox stared back at the sage, his words seeming momentarily unclear. Slowly, Tails' eyebrows began to arch into a sharp "V", the idea of leaving Cosmo's side not sitting well with him. "No… I'm not going anywhere. I'm not leaving her like this…"

"I can't find out what's wrong unless you give me the space I need to meditate," Jaran said, his voice direct, but not hostile, "if you want to help her, youll do what I'm telling you!"

"Doing what you told us was what got her kidnapped!" Tails blamed, standing as he approached the sage, "What makes you think anything you do will help her!?"

"Yo, is everything okay here?" Asked Sonic, peering in from the hallway, having overheard the fox's shouts, "Tails, buddy, whats the matter?"

"Sonic…" Jaran spoke slowly, frowning as he looked upon the fox. His gaze then drifted to the cobalt hedgehog, staring at him knowingly, "Get him out of here—now…"

"What?" Asked Sonic, looking at the sage.

"Dont you dare…" Tails snarled, taking a few steps back.

"Sonic, Tails is emotional right now," the sentinel spoke, "nothing is going to get done like this. Get him out of here!”

"Tails…" Sonic hesitated, letting out a heavy sigh, "I think you should come on. It'll only be a little bit…"

"NO!" The fox shouted defiantly, reeling back, "Im not leaving her alone again! You cant make me!"

Slowly, Jaran turned to face Sonic, gazing at the hedgehog again a mute expression. Giving a slight nod, Sonic turned his to face Tails, approaching him slowly. "Tails, its time to go…"

"No…" The fox hesitated, stepping back as Sonic moved in closer to him. Tails' eyes began to grow watery, shaking his head back and fourth almost violently, "Dont! DON'T TOUCH ME! SONIC, PLEASE!!"

Wordlessly, Sonic grabbed the foxs arm, lifting him up and slinging him over his shoulder. The kitsune screamed, kicking and flailing as he attempted to wriggle away from his friend. Jaran turned his head, avoiding the fox's pleading gaze as Sonic dragged him from the room.

"NO!! SONIC, LET GO!!" The fox cried, his tears matting the fur under his eyes as he reached out to Cosmo, "PLEASE, DONT MAKE ME! SONIC!!!"

Jaran flinched as the door shut behind them, listening as the fox screamed all the way down the stairs. After a few minutes, everything went quiet. Slowly making his way over to the bed, Jaran sat himself on the edge, gently brushing the girls bangs from her eyes. Using the end of his robe, he took a moment to wipe away the green blood oozing down her cheek. Finally, the sage reached down, holding a palm over her head as he shut his eyes.

"You cling on by a spider's thread. Your mind is slowly slipping away…" He chanted, "Now, Cosmo, let me in, so I can show you the way home--oh God… No! Please, God, no!!"

The Freedom Fighters sat quietly in Tails' living room, tired, sore and emotionally strained. Having finally calmed down, Tails sat quietly on his sofa, staring into empty space. After several minutes, Sonic finally looked to him, speaking softly.

"Bro…" He whispered, his voice tender, "Im sorry. I know youre upset, but I had to get you out. We need to find out what's wrong so we can help her. I know you want that…"

"Yeah…" Tails murmured, lowering his head into his hands as he spoke hoarsely, "I know. Im sorry for losing it. I'm just… really scared, Sonic. I want to help, but this time, I don't know how…"

"Dont beat yourself up," Knuckles murmured, "this is monsters, and magic, and demons and nothing we've dealt with before…"

"This is so out of our pay grade…" Rouge whispered. Despite her initial jealousy toward Cosmo, even she could not help but feel sorry for the little plant girl.

Just before Tails could lose his temper again, Knuckles beat the despairing fox to it, standing as he looked down at the winged harlot. "Is that all this is to you? A job!? Cosmos more than a friend to some of us, and all you can think about is your damn mission!? You selfish bitch--"

"Back off," snarled Shadow, placing himself between the echidna and the bat, "If you had half of a brain you would understand what she meant…"

"Don't talk to me about having brains, you insensitive bastard!" Knuckles barked, "At least one of us is thinking about the victims here!"

"ENOUGH!" Vanilla raised her voice, enough to startle even Shadow as the doe pointed to their respective chairs, "SIT YOUR ASSES DOWN, NOW!!"

The hedgehog and the echidna stared at the woman briefly, complying as they retreated to their seats. Remaining silent for a moment, Vanilla let out a deep breath, her voice returning to its typical pitch.

"I realize tensions are high, but it doesn't do any good to point fingers at each other! If you want to be angry, be angry at Xemus! He's the one at fault—no one else!"

Before any more comments could be made, the group heard the bedroom door open. Turning, they watched as Kai slowly descended the staircase. The room seemed to become eerily quiet, however, upon seeing the sages face. Unlike before, his normally pink skin was flushed unnaturally white. His hands quivered violently, and his cheeks were wet with tears. Tails stood suddenly, approaching Jaran slowly, now more nervous than ever.

"J-Jaran?" The fox spoke, his voice quivering, "Wh-what's happened?"

"I need—you to come with me, Tails," the sage whispered softly, "you need to be the one to hear this first…"

Staring blankly for a moment, Tails turned to look over his shoulder, the others returning his glance with ones of fearful anticipation. After a moment, the fox nodded, following Jaran as the two returned to Tails and Cosmo's bedroom, shutting the door behind them.

For many minutes, all was quiet. Nothing could be heard from the room above as Team Sonic and Team Dark listened for any indication of Cosmo's status, some more patiently than others. Amy briefly glanced at Sonic, scooting closer to him on the sofa and taking his hand. In spite of his normally reserved behavior, Sonic took her hand into his tightly, giving it a firm, almost painful squeeze. For a moment, Amy was unsure whether he was comforting her, or it was he who needed comforting…

A scream, unlike anything they had ever heard, caused each of them to shoot their heads up. Wails of despair from Tails echoed down the hallway, reaching the living room and beyond. Vanilla immediately shot out of her chair, running to the base of the staircase and looking up to the bedroom. Amidst the cries, Tails could be heard shouting, with the only word being "no", repeated over and over again. This went on for nearly fifteen uninterrupted minutes, until finally, the door opened, with the fox slowly descending the staircase behind Kai, looking as ravaged as the sage. Even more so.

Vanilla quickly rushed to the kitsune's side, dropping to her knees as she got on eye level with him. Tears came in torrents down the boys face, dampening his furry cheeks. His ears were tightly folded back against his skull, his namesakes nestled tightly between his legs. Vanilla gently brushed his face, though the panic in her eyes was hardly reassuring.

"Talk to me, sweetheart!" Vanilla begged the fox, her own hands beginning to shake, "Tell me what's wrong!"

Tails was silent, choking on his own words each time he attempted to speak. The fox gasped for breath, as if drowning in his own tears. Vanilla quickly grabbed his shoulders, her typical cool head failing her. "MILES, PULL IT TOGETHER!" She spoke, giving him a light shake, "Tell me what's wrong!"

The fox cleared his throat, his words broken by sobs of despair as she finally got her answer…

"SH-sh--Co—she--" Suddenly, the fox lowering his head into the mother rabbit's shoulder, his shouts muffled by the sleeve of her dress. "SHE WAS VIOLATED!!!"

A deathly silence again filled the room…
TCDN Ch. 21: The Death of Innocence
Recall when I said at the beginning of this series when I said this would upset some people? Well, here it is...

Don't kill me yet! More explanation in the next chapter.

Appologies for any inconsistencies in punctuation. Somehow, the document got corrupted during transfer and removed some of the formatting. I tried to correct it, but I'm not sure I caught all of it. Please withhold commentary regarding punctuation. Enjoy!
General Information

Name: Miles Prower
Nickname(s)/Alias: Tails the Fox
Age: 9 Yrs.
Birthday: October 16th
Sex: Male
Gender Identity: Masculine
Species: Mobian (Fox)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married
Religion: Atheist


Place of Birth: Knothole Village
Native Language: Basic (English)
Additional Language(s): None
Current Residence: Mystic Ruins

Physical Characteristics

Height: 3'1"
Weight: 46 lb.
Build: Diminutive
Hair Color: Yellow-Orange
Eye Color: Blue
Skin/Fur Color: Yellow-Orange/White
Distinguishing Marks (Tattoos/Scars): None
Clothing: Seekers, Gloves
Jewelry/Accessories: White-Gold Wedding Band

Physical Health

Allergies: Pollen
Illnesses/Disabilities: None
Medications: None
Smoke: No
Drink: No
Recreational Drugs: No
Sexual Activity: None (Virgin)


Personality: Gentle/Humble
Disorders/Disabilities: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Fears/Phobias: Thunder, Ghosts


Education: Extensive (Self-Taught)
Qualifications: Mechanical Aptitude, Computer Aptitude
Job: Self-Employed
Position/Title: None
Employer: Various Contractors

Tactical Information

Intelligence: Genius Level
Skills/Techniques: Piloting, Hacking, Lock Picking, Hand-to-Hand Combat
Powers: Flight, Super Speed, Super Transformation
Weapons: Dummy Ring Bombs, Various Self-Manufactured Devices
Strengths: Resourceful, Determined, Loyal
Weaknesses: Fragile, Gullible, Rash


Parents: Rosemary Prower (Mother / Missing), Amadeus Prower (Father / Missing)
Siblings: None
Other Relatives: Merlin Prower (Uncle), Sonic the Hedgehog (Adoptive Brother)
Partner/Spouse: Cosmo Prower (Wife)
Children: None
Friends: Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Shadow the Hedgehog, Cream the Rabbit, Vanilla the Rabbit, Jaran Kai
Acquaintances: Rouge the Bat, E-123 Omega, Robert the Hare
Enemies: Doctor Eggman, E-123 Omega (Formerly), Xemus

Misc. Information

Sign: Libra
Likes: Flying, Inventing, Piloting, Spending Time With Friends, Romance
Dislikes: People Making Fun Of/Teasing Himself or Cosmo, Being Left Out, People Mistreating Machines, Being Interrupted When Working, Cosmo in Danger
Favorite Food/Drink: Mint Candy, Soda
Least Favorite Food/Drink: Spinach, Vegetable Juice
Favorite Color: Yellow
Musical Preferences: Jazz, Bluegrass
Hobbies: Tinkering


Born to esteemed writer, Rosemary Prower, and revered war hero, General Amadeus Prower, Miles Prower was gifted with a unique physical deformity allowing for self-propelled flight. As a result of this atypical characteristic, the fox was frequently bullied by members of his own clan. As a result, the fox spent most of his young life in isolation, sheltered by his parents and immersed in intellectual pursuits. It quickly became apparent that he had a natural mechanical ingenuity, rivaling some of the brightest minds on Mobius. This only served to further isolate the boy, earning jealousy from others his age and pushing him deeper into solitude.

During an invasion by an unknown alien race, Miles' parents were declared missing, leaving the fox to fend for himself. Happening upon an old-style aircraft which had been left in the open, the fox took the liberty of performing upgrades on the engine and painting the body blue. The owner of the plane, a blue hedgehog named Nikkie Maurice Parlouzer, known to Mobius as the famed hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, quickly discovered the fox. Seeing that he was capable of keeping up with the hedgehog's extraordinary running speeds, Sonic took the fox under his wing. Since that time, Sonic and Miles, now going by the nickname "Tails the Fox", have formed a friendship borderlining brotherhood. The two often embark on daring adventures to protect their planet from various threats, most notably the human scientist, Doctor Robotnik, more commonly known as the terrible Doctor Eggman.

During a second alien invasion by a race known as the Metarex, Tails encountered a survivor of their war across the galaxy named Cosmo. Providing them with information on this new alien threat, Tails and his friends agreed to assist the girl in combatting the Metarex menace. Traveling through space on a starship of Tails' design, Cosmo assisted Mobius' Freedom Fighters in locating the seven Chaos Emeralds. During their time together, Tails found himself quickly falling in love with the alien girl, and was devastated by her death when she sacrificed herself to save the galaxy.

Due to the intervention of a powerful extra-dimensional entity, Cosmo was returned to life. The two quickly began a romantic relationship, culminating in their engagement at an extremely young age. In the mist of their wedding preparations, the couple was attacked by a dark, incorporeal entity known as Xemus, who abducted Cosmo and subjected her to brutal torture. Determined to save his fiancé, Tails joined the Freedom Fighters in boarding Xemus' dreadnaught, successfully retrieving Cosmo. Upon recovery, Cosmo and Tails proceeded with their intentions to marry. In spite of his timid nature, Tails is fiercely loyal to those he cares for, most specifically his wife, and will willingly throw himself in harms way to protect those he loves.
I've put a great deal of thought into this, and I've narrowed down a general timeframe for when I'm going to quit writing. Like, for good.

Now, before you get worked up over nothing, first know that this will not happen for at least a few more years. Second, know that I fully intend to stay on dA, and will leave my work up to view at your leisure. I might even post a one shot now and again, but as far as my series goes, I have a good idea of when I will end it, finished or not.

The reason I bring this up--I was thinking over my career, and my schooling, and realized that as much as I love writing here on deviantART, I can't do it forever. I don't generate an income for writing fan fiction, and I have to concern myself with creating a stable, independent lifestyle. I'm really enjoying my schooling, and in the next few years I intend to put a lot more effort into it. I'm 22 years old, guys. I have to start planning for the future.

Now, for those of you who are thinking, "But you promised to finish Taismo!" Yes, I did, and I stand by that. What you don't know is that I have a fully plotted out second series that I was planning to write, but can no longer commit to. I'm sure it would be possible to begin it, but I highly doubt it would get finished before my timeframe ends.

My question to you is this, would you like me to go ahead and release series two along side series one as I'm wrapping it up? Obviously there would be spoilers, but it would give you the opportunity to see what I had planned. Maybe, if I start now, I could finish it before my time runs out.

Don't get all weepy over this journal. As I said, these are long term plans, but everything has to end, and I would be naive to think I can keep doing this forever. Until that time, happy reading! Peace out, guys! :peace:
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It was the year of 2009. Having been home schooled for nearly six years and experienced heavy ridicule in public school, I had become a recluse, and my social skills had dwindled into non-existence. Having my drive stolen by what I perceived as a world out to get me, my motivation began to dwindle and I fell into the same trap of laziness so many young people experience today. Thrust back into the social battleground of high school, my experience was jarring to say the least. For the most part I kept to myself, avoiding contact with others and quietly doing my assignments.

I had always been the artistic sort. Having the ability to sink into my own world to escape the rigours and strife of the real one became one of the few comforts I knew. On the suggestion of a friend of my mother's, I submitted a poorly cobbled together portfolio to my school's art program on the off-chance that it might be accepted. I was genuinely surprised when I received a response from the head of the art academy, Rick Moncrief, who was not only impressed with my work, but was eager to enrol me in the art academy immediately. Hesitant, I came to the decision that I needed to branch out and agreed to participate in the art program.

Open to like-minded people who understood and accepted me, I began to open up once more, and was exposed to my potential as an artist. Inspired by things of my childhood, much of my art consisted of things such as Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog and Comic Book Heroes. My interests began to encompass far more than mere art, however. I began to spread into the fields of literature and English, which I discovered I possessed a previously undiscovered talent in. These skills, combined with my literary ability and childhood idols, began to merge, and the seeds of a plot to an epic story began to form in my mind. Unfortunately, my persistent laziness prevented this idea from coming to fruition. Feeling unable to move beyond this, I chose to discuss the issue with my teacher, who had become a very good friend and almost a surrogate father to myself. I realized that there was simply no easy solution. There was no switch I could flip in my head to create motivation. I would have to force myself, regardless of my emotional state. Pondering on this, I decided to begin with something I enjoyed--writing. Implementing the plot that had swirled in my head for some time, I thrust myself into the story with the promise that I would finish it, regardless of how long it took.

Thus, I pressed forward, pushing myself on despite my frustrations. Initially hesitant to share my story with others, I took my writing a step further by posting what I had created on the artistic website, deviantART. In less than a month I had accumulated a following of nearly fifty readers who considered my work exemplary. I was astounded by the reaction, and my confidence began to resurface after hiding away for so long. Finishing off my first book, I received an overwhelming amount of feedback asking me to continue my story. Indeed, my plot had not been finished. There was so much more to be told. Four years later, my story has expanded to four different books in a series, and is still incomplete. My following grows each day; and all of this began with a promise. My name is Brandon, and I won't stop until I'm finished...


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